Sarpei Kwadey
Ghana – Cohort 3, Business & Entrepreneurship

Impact: Empowering women farmers in Ghana

Sarpei Kwadey is the Founder of Good Food Farms, an agribusiness company cultivating cassava plantations in the Central and Volta regions of Ghana. Good Food Farms is currently focused on the production of large-scale cassava farms and providing the missing links in the cassava production value chain. The 5-year old initiative, which started as a project, has been expanded to a company, which now cultivates over 250 acres of cassava, with the expectation of expanding to at least 100,000 hectares.

According to Sarpei Kwadey, the focus “is investing in women, supporting them to grow cassava and providing them with a market, which puts enough money in their pockets.” The income the women outgrower farmers make from this partnership goes a long way to support their families, especially in seeing their children through school.