YALI AFRICA signifies the next chapter in the evolution of the 4 Regional Leadership Centers and seeks to harness their collective power to develop the Centers into long-standing, sustainable institutions.

The establishment of YALI Africa is central to this success. YALI Africa, as a legal entity, will connect the four independent RLCs and serve as a secretariat – a central point for setting and maintaining the YALI RLCs’ mandate and unified vision, public presentation and branding, setting curriculum standards, and mobilizing resources jointly.

YALI Africa will also enable the Centers to breakdown regional boundaries and leverage their vast youth network for sustainability.

At scale, YALI has the potential to create high-impact, long-lasting change in communities throughout the continent.

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YALI Regional Leadership Centers

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The 4 RLC’s have a database of 20,000 alumni from 49 African countries, and have collectively succeeded in making meaningful contributions on the following:


Women had more productive Time

Of YALI female alumni, 68% reported spending an increased time on economic activities after attending the YALI program.


Non Urban Alumni had more productive time

Alumni in non-urban areas spent an average 50% more time in economic activities after YALI.


Had increase in Personal Growth & Self Esteem

Most alumni (73%) credited YALI programming with an increase in positive personal growth and self-esteem. Changes at the personal level included increased confidence, the soft skills necessary to achieve their goals, and a sense of improved leadership abilities.


Used their New skills within 6 Months

 Over 90% of survey respondents applied their refined leadership skills within 6 months


Started their own Businesses

More than 22% of alumni reported starting their own business after YALI. Before YALI, 37% of survey respondents owned a business, After YALI, this increased to an average of 59%.


Of Women Had their own businesses after YALI

Alumni in non-urban areas spent an average 50% more time in economic activities after YALI.

Success Stories

The various stories of YALI alumni spread across Africa demonstrate that we are well engaged in areas of MasterCard Foundation’s vision of tackling Africa’s youth employment challenge

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YALI Africa Launch – 17 April 2019

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