Consider the scenario where you slept with someone and had a wonderful nights. You want to word them to see if they’re up for another conference because it was so fine. Although it’s acceptable to want more, you must be upfront about your goals. Then, you might come off as hopeless, which is never a good thing to do.

It’s crucial to know what to wording after a connection because of this. You’ll have more success with a information that is succinct and direct, even though it might be tempting to send one that teases him. This message is flirtatious, but it only suggests that you want to meet up again. Additionally, it demonstrates your confidence in asking, which may be what he seeks to learn.

Because it’s casual and lighthearted, this word is a great one to send after hookup. Although it’s a little bit raunchy, it furthermore demonstrates your willingness to view the guy you got together with as more than just your sexual companion. Additionally, it’s a covert method to let him know you’re also considering him.